SEO Contest UWelcome2019

When you are look to create an online presence for your business, SEO is one of the most crucial aspects. Optimizing your content for search engines helps you attain higher ranking and therefore, better traffic to your website.

In this article, we will take you through an introduction and understanding of what an SEO contest UWelcome2019 is, along with an insight into the history of such contests. To help a toronto seo expert develop a full-fledged understanding of the topic, we will conduct a critical analysis of two SEO contests as well.

What Is An SEO Contest UWelcome2019?

An SEO Contest  UWelcome2019 is, in basic terms, a contest among search engine optimization professionals and specialists. In a typical SEO contest, you are expected to generate high rankings on various search engine platforms like Yahoo, Google and MSN. These competitions are usually conducted on the basis of a particular keyword.

What Is The Aim Behind Organizing An SEO Contest UWelcome2019?

An SEO contest, as you know now, is a competition amongst SEO-specialists and professionals for best ranking on search engine platforms. But what is the purpose behind conducting such contests? What benefits do you derive from these SEO contests?

An SEO contest may be held to market a particular product or service on the internet. A keyword-focused search engine optimization strategy to generate high rankings on search engine platforms like Yahoo and Google is employed, in this contest.

Apart from aiming to market certain products or services, SEO contests are a platform for projecting your skills as an SEO – specialist. Not only that, SEO contests also help you discover new ideas and techniques to market and promote web content.

To sum it up, SEO contests allow you to bring a particular type of content on search engine platforms. Along with leveraging the skills and techniques of avid SEO marketers and specialists through a competition, SEO contests also help find new and innovative ways through which content can become more visible on online search engines.

A Brief History Of SEO Contests

The origin of SEO contests dates back to the early 2000s. Back in November 2002, an SEO contest was conducted in the German language. Termed as Schnitzelmitkartoffelsalat, this was the first ever documented SEO contest. In English, Schnitzelmitkartoffelsalat literally stands for Schitnznel with potato salad. Mentioned for the first time by Steffi Abel in the newsgroup de.comm.infosystems.www.authoring.misc, this SEO contest laid the foundation for all the other SEO contests in the future.

The idea behind running this SEO contest was to understand how Google read the different types of constructions for HTML. This became an SEO contest to find out websites which could attain high rankings. It is now a synonym for all the expressions that you cannot find on search engine platforms.

Following this, the first SEO contest in the English language was conducted from May 7, 2004 onwards. Named nigritude ultramarine, this SEO contest was a creation of Darkblue.com. In fact, this SEO contest was termed as the mother of all SEO contests. Anil Dash won this title after a period of about 2 months. After this contest, another SEO competition was declared on 1st September 2004, where the challenge was for webmasters to attain 1st rank on Google’s search engine. The keyword for which the participants were contesting was seraphim proudleduck.

Another SEO contest in 2005 revolved around the keyword, loquine glupe. This SEO competition witnessed participation from diverse brands. From holiday resorts to shampoo brands, there was a broad range of brands that participated in this SEO contest. The website that won this particular SEO contest had content that was termed as ‘boring’. By using certain techniques like domain age and by excessively stuffing the website content with the keywords, the participant was able to attain the top rank.

Two of the major SEO contests took place in 2005, in Europe. The Hommingberger Gepardenforelle in Germany brought about 4 million results, with the main goal behind the contest being how different websites are ranked by search engines. The other major SEO contest was held in Poland. The name of this SEO contest was msnbetter thangoogle contest. While the contest was conducted to promote the role of SEO in Poland, it failed to achieve this goal. However, it was able to garner as many as 4 million results totally.

Following this, the redscowl bluesingsky contest was conducted by SEOLogs in 2006. This contest established the foundation for running SEO contests as a part of academic classes. In fact, educational institutions including the Carnegie Mellon University and Caltech have created and organized SEO contests for students as a part of the learning process.

The “30 Day Ranking” Challenge By Facebook

An SEO group on Facebook ran a 30-day ranking challenge which ended up exposing the loopholes in the Google algorithm in the face of aggressive SEO strategies. The term around which the SEO contest was conducted was Rhinoplasty Plano. The website that was ranked first in this contest was RhinopastyPlanoTexas.com. Rhinoplastyplano.co was ranked second in this SEO competition.

Different factors played a role in determining the winner in this particular SEO contest. A factor that possibly worked in favor of the winner was the site speed. In case of RhinopastyPlanoTexas.com, the site speed score was found to be 97, which may have added points in favor of this webpage.  The website has employed a free WordPress theme known as Clean Blogging, which offers a lean code for the website.

Surprisingly, when it came to the content metrics, it turned out that the website had some mediocre to poor quality content. To dig a little deeper, the content on the website was reviewed with the Hemingway App. Based on the assessment offered by the Hemingway App, about 73 percent of the sentences on the website were hard to read. There was an excessive usage of passive voice. At the same time, too many adverbs were used in the website content. Overall, the content quality seemed to be compromised in order to create a rigorous SEO strategy that helps generate a higher ranking. In fact, it was difficult to decipher what the content stated. Here, despite a compromise on the quality of the content, keyword spamming managed to rank the winning website on the high on Google.

Another factor that you may want to look at, could be the Reviews Structured Data. Google takes reviews structured data into account when ranking websites. However, the problem with this factor is that there is no measure in place to check for the authenticity of the reviews. Despite the fact that the winning website may not have garnered any reviews, Google ranked this website on the basis of the structured data. The authenticity of these reviews are also questionable.

To put it in a nutshell, the 30-day ranking challenge on Facebook by the SEO group unveiled important drawbacks in the Google algorithm for search ranking. Site speed is one of the factors that helped RhinopastyPlanoTexas.com attain the first rank on Google. Besides this, the content and the use of the keyword also played an important role in making this website a winner, only to find out that there were various flaws in the quality of the content. With half of the content being difficult to read and understand, the algorithm behind the ranking becomes questionable. Finally, Google ranked websites for their reviews structured data without keeping a check on the authenticity of the reviews.

Nigritude Ultramarine Search Engine Optimization Contest

One of the oldest game-changers in search engine optimization contests is nigritude ultramarine. Many different SEO contests were conducted, but the others did not have as good an impact as this one. This SEO contest became so popular that it came to be known as the mother of all SEO contests. In fact, nigritude ultramarine was one of the first few SEO contests to enjoy a mention in the Wall Street Journal back around the time when it was launched, that is, in May 2004.

Following the time around which this SEO contest started, the keyword suddenly saw a spur in the frequency with which it was used. From websites to blogs and forums, this term garnered a lot of usage. The contest was run for a period of about 2 months, until it was won by Anil Dash.

Link Bombing And SEO Ranking

Google’s product manager and staff photographer’s online photo gallery featured the link to the nigritude ultramarine contest in his online gallery. At the bottom of his online gallery he featured a simple statement saying ‘help Smugmug win a fun  online contest.’ This link would lead you to Smugmug’s entry in the SEO contest. As a part of their strategy, Smugmug had added the link at the bottom of all their customer pages, with a view to getting a good ranking on search engine platforms. The more customers featured the term nigritude ultramarine in their website content, the better were the chances of Smugmug winning the contest.

The effort to enhance rankings across search engine platforms through link generations on different customer pages was a part of what could be known as a link bombing campaign. Such link bombing campaigns have been very popular in the past as well. Leveraging popular search terms to bring traffic to a particular website or type of content has been a very popular technique over the years. The term ‘waffles’ for instance, was used to bring US presidential candidate John Kerry to the top of search engine platforms. Such link bombing campaigns have been in use to achieve various goals.

It is important to note that the contest information pages are not being ranked in the top results of the various search engine platforms like Google and Yahoo. The contest page itself has banned the search engine platforms from indexing them using a particular meta robots tag. As a result, in SEO contests, the more links mentioned across websites, the better the ranking on search engine platforms. So, it is the link data which holds the key to the ranking high on search engine platforms.

The Results

When you look at the results, you realize that while the usage of the term plays an important role in the rankings on Google, the way the term is used may end up being compromised.  The topmost ranking webpage on Google features the use of nigritude ultramarine in an irrelevant manner. In this way, websites featuring high usage of the term nigritude ultramarine end up in the top results of the search engine platforms. Despite the high rankings of such pages, these pages do not inspire click-throughs.

Like Google, Yahoo also saw the topmost results featuring high and repetitive use of nigritude ultramarine, even without any possible context. The most interesting thing to be noted was the fact that the second highest result on Google was found to be the first result appearing on Yahoo when you search the term nigritude ultramarine. Link bombing again played a role in influencing search engine rankings, to the extent that it had a spillover effect from Google to other search engine ranking platforms. As a result, link bombs played an important role in pushing for the top ranking links on Google to show up as the first result on Yahoo.

The results for the SEO contest clearly pointed towards too much emphasis on factors like frequent repetition of the keyword. The more the usage of this term by a particular webpage, the better the ranking for it on search engines. This could be clearly ascertained by looking at the topmost results on search engine platforms. Looking at the content on the webpages for these websites, it could be seen that there was too much repetition for the content on the platform, and that too without much context. By simply repeating the term, certain websites managed to ace the algorithm and attain the top position in the search engine rankings.

As it appeared, the participants that managed to grab the first rank on search engines like Google were able to do so on the basis of link bombing and excessive repetition. Very little attention was given to the relevance of the content. When comparing the topmost result on Google with that of a proper products’ website such as of Apple, it appeared to be nothing but junk.

A snippet of the content featured on the top-ranking website for the keyword nigritude ultramarine  reads:

“Welcome……..Nigritude ultramarine- Dark Blue 23rd May. Nigritude Ultramarine.”

On the other hand, you can look at the content of any other website such as that of the American kitchen appliances brand, KitchenAid. Here’s a snippet of some of the content featured on their website:

“Stand Mixers

Boldly designed to unlock possibilities – in a range of colors as unique as you.

Counter Top Appliances

Creativity across the countertop

Baking, brewing, blending and beyond. All designed with the maker in mind crafted to bring all your ideas to life.”

Now that you compare the content featured on the 2 different websites, you can easily notice the huge difference in the content quality across the 2 websites. One merely places the keyword in different places without giving any context. It is a simple repetition of the keyword with the viewpoint that it will help push the search engine rankings for the website to the top. In the process, there is an absolute compromise in the quality of the content that is being put out on these websites.

On the other hand, when you look at other websites such as Apple and KitchenAid, the content is clean and relevant. These websites feature content that is in consonance with what these brands offer. Here, the focus is on quality over the frequency of keywords. Rather than placing keywords randomly to fulfill search engine ranking aspirations, brands like these focused on keeping the content message direct and clean. While the SEO contest winners were able to get the first position on the Google search engine, the website content was not effective enough to generate click-throughs from their target audience.  

Effectiveness Of The SEO Ranking Systems

You just went through two case studies on SEO contests – nigritude ultramarine SEO contest and the 30-day ranking challenge by the SEO group on Facebook. How effective are these SEO ranking systems?

As was seen in the case of the 2 case studies mentioned above, websites which used a single keyword vigorously managed to catch the top spot on the search engines. Link bombing too helped the websites gain a good ranking. However, in both cases, the content happened to lack quality and was hard to decipher. Determining the effectiveness of a SEO strategy on the basis of websites which ranked first for only one day or for a single keyword makes the SEO ranking system as questionable. Using these criteria for measuring SEO marketing effectiveness fails to serve the purpose altogether.

A reliable and more effective search engine ranking system should take more relevant factors into account such as a longer-lasting presence on search engines. So, instead of monitoring the search engine ranking for a single day, a better way to approach this is to monitor it for a longer time period. This improves the scope for generating traffic for your website. One of the reasons why various SEO contests turned out to be ineffective was because, despite the high ranking, the content was mostly incomprehensive. Getting traffic to the website is not going to be enough. It is important to push for a better click-through rate.

With such SEO contests, the winners do get to enjoy some bragging rights. While a top-most ranking webpage on Google is one of the perks of winning such an SEO contest, it is important to note that the rankings tend to drop over a period of time. There is only limited recognition associated with winning an SEO competition.

The good thing about SEO contests can be the judges’ choice awards. Judges assess websites from a list of 100 different websites. The website that features creative, catchy and out of the box copies as part of its content is typically awarded the ‘Judges’ Choice’ award. If you are planning to participate in an SEO contest UWelcome2019, you may want to consider this aspect of the competition. It is important to be careful about the instructions. One mistake various participants in SEO contests end up making is not following the instructions of these competitions. As a part of the contest, it is necessary to become a member of SearchGuild forum. Besides this, it is also important to install a logo for DarkBlue. Both SearchGuild and DarkBlue are involved in sponsoring such SEO contests.

Want To Participate In An SEO Contest UWelcome2019?

Are you interested in taking part in an SEO contests?

Whether you want to bring more traffic to your website or you want to showcase your expertise as an SEO-specialist, an SEO contest can be very helpful in achieving that goal.

Before taking the plunge and becoming a participant in such SEO contests, it would be a good idea to get a good hang of what the competition entails. You may want to look at past SEO competitions to be able to understand how these work and build a strategy for your entry accordingly.

Reading up and studying the different SEO contests that have taken place in the past will be helpful for you. If you look at one of the first few SEO contests such as the nigritude ultramarine contest, many modifications and changes have taken place. Search engine platforms such as Google and Yahoo have altered their algorithms over the years.
As a result, SEO tactics have also undergone major evolutions to keep up with the SEO algorithms. If you are willing to participate in an SEO contest UWelcome2019, use it as an opportunity to learn in a structured competitive environment against other SEO specialists, and get a better understanding of how search engines work, along the way.